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239 - 829 - 8129

Personal Training

Purchase a pack of 10 training sessions for a discounted rate! 

Whether you are an athlete looking for sport-specific personal training or just someone who wants to get in better shape - this package will help you stay consistent and reach your goals. 

Small Group Training

Small group training packages will range from $25-45 per person depending on the location and size of the group! 

Perfect for any couples, families, or groups of friends trying to get in shape together without the hassle of actually going to the gym. Simply let the gym and personal trainer come to you!

Team Training

This product is designed perfectly for youth sports teams of any kind. 


Pricing will be determined based on the number of participants on the team, the travel to get to the field or other designated workout location, and the amount of workout sessions per week or per month that the team wants to commit to. 

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